Weight Loss Journey

Health is wealth and as creatives, you have to take time for your health. Exercise helps with creativity by giving you more energy. 

Back in May, I reached my highest weight ever at 188l pounds. I felt heavy and not myself. I decided to start hitting the gym with my girlfriend. 

The goal was to either drop to 170 pounds or back to 155 pounds which were my ideal weights when I was in my twenties.  170 pounds was my goal weight when I was 155 pounds, lol. 

I will be honest. I have not been consistent with working out or maintaining a proper diet.  However, in the last two months I cut out fast food and my new job keeps me on my feet more than my sitting job. I do work out at least twice a week. 

I plan on restarting my gym workouts and improving my diet next week.

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Bee Terrific Presents…November Podcast Schedule

Next month’s podcast episodes.

Episode 1: A new animated Super Mario Bros movie is coming out and we discuss the cast, the past live action film, and other films adapted from video games.

Episode 2: We love Avatar, The Last Airbender. The film…not so much. Find out why as we discuss the failures of the live-action film and our hopes for the live-action series.

Episode 3: Marvel’s What if? Series finale was awesome and we talk about the great moments and what if could mean for the future of the Marvel Universe.

Episode 4: We’re starting a review and reaction series as we introduce Christina to the world of Fullmetal Alchemist!

comics #graphicnovel #entrepreneur #blackownedbusiness #blerd #vlog #blog