Day 2: Set Your Goals

Short Term Goals:

1. Promote Angel Protocols

2. Develop new relationships with other comic creators

3. land 2 new patrons.

Long Term Goals

1. Record issue one as a podcast

2. Have scene 1 animated

3. Reach $20,000 on Patreon

4. Start producing more comic series

5. Win teacher of the year

6. Learn a new technology or language skill

Lucid is making webcomics and is making the above numbers

The webcomic above is making $20,589 on Patreon. I never knew that this was possible. This is my goal with Favor of Athena and my other comic projects. I know I can do it and I will do it. This isn’t just for me, though. I’m doing this for my team of voiceover artists, who are working for free. For my artists and letterer, who work hard every month to produce pages. For my supporters, who believe in my dream. This is for Stan Lee​, Tyler Perry​, Peter David​ who inspired me to write. This holiday season, take the time to visit Patreon, it’s free, and read Favor of Athena. Share it with your family and friends.

If you like crime fiction (#CSI, #SVU), superheroes (#Xmen #myheroacademia), and paranormal (#meninblack, #Ghostbusters)….then Favor of Athena is for YOU. I also have other comic projects coming up: Angel Protocol, Pack Matters, Draft Pool, Blue Steel,.

We have tiers/packages $3, $5, $15, $45, and we’re working on a $90 tier which will possibly include NFTs of our artwork.

Thank you for your time and remember to click the picture to check out Patreon!

Be Terrific

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